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Project Description

Phone: +39 06 06 5903237
sito web:

Distance to the city center 8.5 km
Number of meeting rooms 16
Main meeting room capacity 800 pax                          
Restaurant Yes
Parking Yes

Confindustria Servizi S.p.A. provides the following services: The management of real estate and land properties; Building maintenance; Security, surveillance and supervision services; Administration and finance; Reception and concierge services; Technological and IT services; Logistics services; Health and safety services and training; Events and editorial services; Commercial agreements.

Confindustria Servizi S.p.A. owns a building located in Viale dell’Astronomia 30 (Rome) used as Confindustria headquarter and also a flat located in Via Veneto (Rome) for guesthouse purposes; Owns a Conference Center that hosts Auditorium della Tecnica and other sixteen meeting rooms; Managing administration and finance in order to draft the society budget; Offers security, surveillance, reception and concierge services for Confindustria heartquarter; Offers technological supports and IT to Confindustria and its associated companies; Thanks to a dedicated logistic division, provides transport services, press center, post office, treasury; as well as any related service Provides health and safety services at the workplaces, managing buildings maintenance and coordinating security trainings and further precautions for workers; Congresses, seminars, editorial initiatives and events services at its Conference Center The management and operational implementation of agreements with service providers and suppliers of assets of common interest of the Confindustria system





U Shape


Meeting room dell’Editoria 30 30 30 15 25 25
Meeting room dell’Architettura 50 50 60 30 35 35
Pininfarina 150
Meeting room A 150 225 180 40 60 70
Meeting room G 150 225 130 40 50 60
Meeting room H 60 100 80 20 40 50
Meeting room P 20 20 20 20 22
Meeting room Q 60 100 80 20 40 50