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Project Description

Via degli Scipioni 126 / 00192 Roma
Phone: +39 06 88816915 / fax +39 06 88816916
Email: info@emi-dmcitaly.com
Email: cfiorelli@emi-dmcitaly.com
Website: www.emi-dmcitaly.com

EMI Dmc Italy is a full-service DMC specializing in creating incentives, meetings and events, throughout Italy.

More than three decades’ worth of industry expertise and area knowledge enables this privately-owned company to forge lifelong partnerships by creating cost-effective and unique experiences that directly reflect the client’s needs. Creativity raises this boutique operation’s profile well above! Rejecting off-the-rack customer solution models, EMI-Dmc Italy sets a new standard in exclusive events, venturing down unbeaten paths in search of new emotions.