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Project Description

VIA CAVOUR 15 / 00184 ROMA
Phone: +39 06 4884 051 / Fax: +39 06 4744 105

Distance to the city center city center
Number of rooms 245
Number of meeting rooms 5
Main meeting room capacity 100 pax                           
Restaurant Yes
Parking Yes -parking charges

Hotel Mediterraneo, a 4-star hotel in the center of Rome, is located on the Esquiline Hill, the highest of the seven hills, to offer its guests a magnificent view of Rome.

Its central location, close to Termini Station, allows you to walk to the main monuments in Rome city center: the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum, the Opera House, the Roman National Museum and S. Maria Maggiore . The Termini Station and the Metro are a short walk away to get around in the city. With 50 meters of height, 10 floors and 245 rooms is the tallest building in the center and its decoration is inspired by a severe and monumental luxury, typical of the 1940s. In the hall are marble busts of Roman emperors and mosaics depicting Ulysses’ history. The decor is dominated by wood and marble and the theme of the sea is recurring throughout the hotel, inspired by the name. All this conveys evocations!
The beautiful breakfast room is decorated with carved oak tritons and sirens, while in the center two large chandeliers surmounted by sirens and lanterns recall navigation. Marble coatings meet with precious wood, as in the marble staircase, with stairs and landings formed by monolithic blocks suspended in the void.
The bar, with alabaster top, is embellished with inlaid panels of fine wood, including those of Bacchus in the company of some vendors. In the salon, a large panel on parchment depicts the map of the Mediterranean. Designed in 1936 by Mario Loreti, both internally and externally, Hotel Mediterraneo continues to be one of the best examples of Art Deco in Rome. It is a game of contrasts between hot and cold materials – mosaics, precious woods, inlays – which continues to amaze today. In the Esquilino neighborhood where the interweaving of ancient and modern is even more evident, Hotel Mediterraneo is perfect in its tradition and innovation, unique to enjoy the refinement of such an important period of our history.
On the 10th floor there are 7 bright and luxurious suites with terraces and a Roof Garden with bar. These environments have a spectacular view over Rome, from the “Cupolone” of St. Peter, to the EUR, to the Castelli Romani.





U Shape


Mediterraneo 80 130 120 60 52 55
Lago Maggiore 55 80 70 36 35 40
Tirreno 20 40 35 24 20 26
Salone della Mappa 120 150
Caminetto 50 100
Polene 130 160 150 80 60 60
Roof Terrace 55 70
Mosaico 80 130 120 60 52 60