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Project Description

Via Savoia 78, 00198 Roma
Phone: +39 06 8523 7270
Email: Italy@terraevents.com
Email: gaia.terrazzi@terraevents.com
Website: www.terraevents.com

TERRAEVENTS is a growing network of wholly owned Destination Management Companies with offices in Italy (Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice), Spain, Portugal and France. TERRAEVENTS crafts event solutions turning ideas and concepts into awesome attendee experiences. Our roots are deep in the ground of our core values: Trust, Evolution, Responsiveness, Responsibility and Adaptability. We approach every project with passion and enthusiasm striving to deliver the most creative and cost effective solution. At TERRAEVENTS fostering relationships with our clients and with our partners suppliers is a priority to achieve our results

Our main services are:

INCENTIVES We will help you discover the best solutions to match your objectives, with tireless dedication and exceptional attention to those little details that make all the difference
MEETINGS & CONFERENCES By providing cutting edge technical solutions, modern creativity and impeccable delivery we allow our clients to fully focus on the meeting contents and the need of their attendees.
CORPORATE EVENTS Our creativity, local knowledge and abundant variety of resources will result in a superior guest experience and a measurable ROI of the event.
HOSPITALITY PROGRAMS Our country host some of the most sought after sporting and cultural events for which we can provide red carpet access, corporate hospitality packages as well as regular ticketing.