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Project Description

Phone: +39 06 8207 71 / Fax: +39 06 8207 7105
email: infotouroperator@zetema.it
email: g.paolino@zetema.it
website: www.zetema.it

Distance to the city center city center
Number of meeting rooms 4
Main meeting room capacity 140 pax – Auditorium                        
Restaurant Yes
Parking No

Zètema Progetto Cultura is a company 100% owned by the Municipality of Rome. It operates in the Culture and Tourism sectors since 1998. Its mission is an optimal use of the Rome’s historical and artistic heritage. Zètema manages the Civic Museums Network (16 Museums), Roma Pass, as well as various public spaces dedicated to entertainment and the Tourist Infopoints with the aim of applying the Municipality stategy to integrate tourism and cultural services.

The MUSEUM SYSTEM comprises an extremely diverse group of museums and archaeological sites of undoubted artistic and historic value. In addition to the Musei Capitolini – the world’s oldest public museum – the system also encompasses the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, designed by Richard Meier and home to various important exhibitions, others include Mercati di Traiano, with the Museo dei Fori Imperiali. Numerous events and temporary exhibitions help make the System unique, providing a constant stream of initiatives that are always original and guaranteed to appeal to all sections of the public. In this unique and incomparably beautiful location, Companies can link their image to the cultural heritage of the City of Rome, chosen as the set for their CORPORATE EVENTS: meeting, conferences, lectures, book launches, plays, concerts, film screenings, activities for kids, solidarity events, tastings. Musei Capitolini, Ara Pacis Museum, Centrale Montemartini Museum, Mercati di Traiano, Villa Torlonia and Casa del Cinema are among the most exclusive locations. To find out the total list, visit Zètema website or contact eventi.aziendali@zetema.it