The 30th EAA European archaeology annual meeting 2024

Start: 01/01/2024

End: 02/01/2024

Sapienza University of Rome promoted the initiative and will be its core, together with more than 20 Institutions which joined and support the project: all the institutions of Rome and Latium working on archaeology, both of the Italian Ministry of Culture, of the Rome Municipality, and of the Latium Region; the National Research Council-ISPC; all the state universities of Rome and Latium; the foreign academies of Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany; the main Italian professional associations of archaeologists (CIA and ANA). Symposia srl provides the necessary technical support, involving the Convention Networking Institutions. This extensive and strong network will expand the Meeting through initiatives over the town of Rome and the whole region, spreading debate and imagination about the future of archaeology, as a core issue of contemporary culture. The EAA Annual Meetings bring together established traditions and younger scholars, in a continuous flow of reflection and innovation: dynamic and lateral thinking will be even more crucial in the post-pandemic recovery, to which we all aspire. The wide world of archaeology, the worldview of archaeology, the empire of archaeology is coming to Rome!