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Ecoluxury is a brand born at the dawn of new millennium meant to promote retreats in secluded areas of the world committed to pursue up-market hospitality and  carrying out virtuous projects supporting local regions.

The brand features Ecoluxury Retreats of the World, the collection, Travel Agencies in Rome, Milan and Bologna. Moreover it is founder and promoter of the Ecoluxury Fair, a B2B roman appointment dealing with topics about up-market tourism and sustainability including a Forum, B2B Workshop, networking evenings, FAM toursin Rome and Latium out of usual path, visits to new hotel openings in Rome.

Ecoluxury provide extended tour services nationwide for incentive and special interest tours for groups and individuals with expert guides and high quality services.

Ecoluxury's aim is combining exploration of amazing destinations together with attention to the territories and local communities. This kind of travels is meant to offer authentic experiences highlighting the cultural aspects but preserving, at the same time, natural resources and well-being of people living in nearby area.

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