Wonders wherever you turn

Lazio is nature, flavours and traditions.

Rich in unspoiled landscapes, historical sites and food and wine heritage, Lazio is a special region brimming with surprises. Here you can find picturesque alleys, enchanting squares, 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites and historic villages with ancient throwbacks. Many of them overlook the sea or are located on gentle hills, while others are nested on slopes with breathtaking views. The entire region is a mix of nature, history, and archaeology ready to fascinate and amaze at every turn.


Civita di Bagnoregio, known as 'the dying city', is a unique jewel worldwide; Calcata features a fairy-tale atmosphere, which has inspired artists and writers throughout the ages; Caetani Castle in Sermoneta is worthy of special mention; Bolsena boasts splendid alleyways; and then the Castelli Romani, the Mount Circeo, Gaeta, Sperlonga, Anagni... With villages oozing timeless charm, Lazio offers you moments of wonder.


Sea and islands, mountains, lakes and parks: scant kilometres from Rome, unspoiled nature bursts with all its colours. Lazio region should be enjoyed at a slow pace: on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, going through the forest paths of the Cimini Mountains, strolling by the dunes of the Circeo National Park or relaxing on the shores of Lake Vico. The Lazio side of the Gran Sasso National Park offers hundreds of snow paths, where bears, wolves, chamois and golden eagles still dwell. You simply must take in a sailing tour of the Pontine Islands or a saunter along the ancient Via Francigena.


Lazio is a treasure trove of art and culture.Archives, libraries, museums, abbeys - throughout the region, the highest forms of culture intertwine with ancient villages and a gentle, verdant landscape. Lazio boasts an exceptional number of monuments, palaces, and art-devoted venues whose aim is to preserve the area’s memory. A selection of examples are the Archaeological Museum of Frosinone, one of the most significant in the province, the Civic Museum of Rieti, which houses works of art and artefacts from Sabina from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, or the Civic Museum of Bracciano, with a collection of Etruscan artefacts from Cerveteri and Veio. Yet, Lazio is similarly endowed with small museums - hidden gems that unearth the story of the region's expertise, such as the Museum of Oil of the Sabina, which narrates the ancient olive-growing culture of this area.


Lazio region provides a wealth of destinations for professionals and enthusiasts of all kinds of sporting and high-adrenaline activities. Golf lovers can choose from twenty-two golf courses scattered all over the region, including the Marco Simone Golf Club, currently hosting the Ryder Cup 2023. Lake Turano and Lake Salto offer an incredible variety of paths, gorges, and streams for both hiking and photographic trekking. Also, there is no shortage of cycling routes. The waters of the Nera and Velino Rivers are perfect for rafting, while the Cavata River and its springs are ideal for canoe trips. For those in search of a slower pace, the province of Rieti offers an array of stables and horse-riding facilities for a ride in a fascinating natural backdrop. Lake Bolsena offers the unique possibility of sailing or kayaking while admiring the palaces and English-style gardens of Bisentina Island.


Wellness culture is synonymous with Lazio.From the Terme dei Papi in Viterbo, used in ancient times by the Etruscans, to the curative waters of the Terme di Fiuggi, known since the age of Pliny the Elder, the entire region offers the opportunity of enjoying pleasant and relaxing moments with thermal stays in which caring for the body’s wellbeing come to the fore, in a truly unique historical and natural setting.

Food and Wine

Discovering Lazio through culinary experiences and food and wine tours is the most direct route into the authentic heart of Italy. The entire region is extraordinarily brimming with restaurants and taverns as well as vineyards, wine cellars, farms, and oil mills.Here you can sample traditional local dishes - from the Pecorino Romano DOC to the bucatini of Amatrice, from the artichokes 'alla romana' or 'alla giudia' of ancient Jewish tradition to the strawberries of Nemi, from the chestnuts of the Cimini Mountains to the wines and oils of Sabina... An explosion of taste and a true delight for the palate.