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First Travel Italy is a Multimodal People Transport Company able to offer a wide portfolio of services, including: special vehicles, "security" service, personal assistants, VIP tickets, multilingual tour guides, translators, "meet & greet" services, VIP airport services, on-site coordinators for events, mobile office, conference hostesses and stewards, logistics of transporting materials and luggage for events.

First Travel Italy - a leader in passenger transport logistics - by developing strategies for efficiency and enhancing sustainable transport options, through transport planning, scheduling and integration, has as its ultimate goal improved accessibility and mobility for all.

First Travel Italy offers an impeccable customer experience through an intuitive, functional and efficient digital booking system. A self-booking system that makes it possible to book a high-quality ground transport service as easily as we are used to booking flights and hotels.

We organise the logistics and transport planning, contributing to their success, of around 650 events per year, 10% of which are massive, i.e. events involving between 1,000 and 20,000 people. An average of three days per event for a total of about 500,000 people transported in a year, and a total of about 150,000 packages (luggage and various materials) travelling in tow.

people transport logistics;
event transport secretariat;
on-site coordinators;
mobile office;
dedicated management from quotation, booking confirmation and management process to invoicing;
customised creation of maps and itineraries;
mobility planning (management of public land occupation, parking logistics, traffic analysis, permits, route planning);
services ancillary to passenger transport.

The ability to limit the environmental impact of our transports thanks to the use of state-of-the-art vehicles is the basis of our success and allows us to reconcile the objectives of punctuality, economy and safety with love and respect for the environment. Ensuring adherence to deadlines is the best business card in our dealings with customers as well as a prerequisite for maintaining the high standards of quality and efficiency needed to be competitive in the market. We invest in the continuous training of our personnel on the regulations governing traffic and the set of administrative requirements to be fulfilled during the logistical organisation of passenger transport and everything that travels with it. We are always ready to anticipate opportunities and solve problems, finding the most appropriate solutions. We offer efficient, punctual, precise logistics, using in-house professionals and coordinators. A highly performing and evolved web platform for booking and login in the customer area.

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