DMCTour Operator

Fragrance Tour is a destination management company specialized in creating bespoke incentive trips, team building activities, meeting & conferences in Rome and throughout Italy.

With our eye for detail and flexible approach, expect 360° events handling at competitive rates. 

We understand that no two corporate events are the same: 

From magnificent gala venues and first-rate entertainment to high-octane incentive & team building activities, we provide our clients with creative solutions to make unique every corporate event.

Our international team is fully motivated to help you with any inquiry!


The COVID-19 crisis has affected and will continue to affect all aspects of our life. 

Managers worldwide are trying to understand how to support employees in these circumstances, supporting their well-being, upholding morale and ensuring continued productivity.

In the current situation however, while complying with all national rules and regulations and ensuring health and safety first, there are several open-door activities that are allowed with small numbers of people

Team members can find innovative ways to share these experiences with each other, or challenge each other over a period of time, or simply have safe fun together and discover again untapped skills of colleagues outside of a remote office environment.

Let us hear your needs and wishes so we can tailor a package of safe team-building activities for your organization.

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