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 “Le Vacanze Romane”, a project by ALBAA, is the web promotion platform of bed & breakfast, guest house, rooms and apartment for holidays.

The main mission is to promote the Rome and Lazio territory through ALBAA associated accommodation, all regularly licensed by each municipality.

ALBAA Association brings together more than 2.000 associated accommodation, located in the central area of Rome and in Lazio Countryside.

In fact, it’s possible to choose the favourite area (Roma, Rieti, Latina, Frosinone, Viterbo) and the type of accommodation between apartment or b&b solution.

Once choosen the suitable accommodation, it’s possibile to directly book the journey (checking availability is authomatic) or contact the Host for any further details, photos or informations


All the accommodation are medium-high level. Rates are great because there aren’t fee for hosts, they only change according to the season and the number of nights, without requiring, however, a minimum number of nights.

Thanks to “Le Vacanze Romane”, we can accommodate individual clients or groups, which can be placed in different adjacent structures, with meeting point at the bar where breakfast will be served.

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