The creative spirit, the rigor and the experience, harmonized with the originality, the wise care and the good taste of Valentina Picca Bianchi - CEO & founder of Whitericevimenti - give life to exclusive events and high quality profile.

A coordinated staff of excellence: the management of the kitchen entrusted to the sensitivity of a young talented Chef Matteo Gerardi.
Born in 1990, originally from the area, Matteo already has a prestigious experience in starred catering.

«Cooking is instinct, pure energy. I share with Valentina the search for simplicity and the luxury of emotion through the interpretation of authentic and pure raw materials. Cooking is my serenity».

The operational and room management has always been entrusted to Andrea Gioielli, his style and consolidated experience in the banquenting & catering sector.

The intuition of an integrated commercial and creative office, a dynamic staff with transversal skills from design,marketing and food & beverage, becomes a decisive part of an identity always looking for original and visionary ideas to be proposed exclusively to the customer.

Our mantra is: «the shape enhances the taste».




Whitericevimenti chooses and uses food products with high quality standards, consistent and coming from suppliers of short chain and certified.

The selected raw materials coming from the land cultivated in biodynamic agriculture, from the Pontine dairy tradition and from aquaculture farms of fish, crustaceans and molluscs represent our success factors.

Raw materials, therefore, are our first quality.

The cooking systems used range from the most traditional to the most innovative: they make use of cutting-edge tools whose smoking techniques, drying, fermentation and low temperature process the raw material respecting it and allowing to optimize flavors, smells, taste and textures.

Extreme care in the construction of dedicated menu cards with alternative and accessible offers: vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, gluten&lactose free, ḥalāl.


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